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For the first time in a generation—and like it always should be— we’re opening up a career in advertising for absolutely anyone.

At Dentsu Webchutney, we want to re-imagine what it takes to succeed in the creative business in 2019 through a one-of-a-kind, two month internship. Made for someone like you.


Great ideas come from everywhere. That’s why we’re opening our doors to whoever you are, however old you are and wherever you come from.


Please, Make a Seat

You’ve diverse interests. And a hundred open browser tabs. There’s a wide range of topics you can have deep conversations on. You’re unsure of your place in the creative business. And you’ve either never thought of advertising as an option or left it consciously unconsidered. Those pesky salespeople. Those egomaniacs. Those kids in shorts.

If this sounds like you, here’s some good news. Advertising is seeing its ivory tower fall flat in the face of change. There’s no room for pigeonholes and ‘it’s not my job.’ Its doors are open to all those who believe ideas are their real currency.

The industry awaits a new paradigm supported by learning fast. Acting on your learnings. Trusting your premonitions. And above all, caring deeply about what you do and the people around you.

Get ready for all the things you’ll be paid to learn. In eight weeks of The Ad Fellows you will cover interdisciplinary learning that adapts to your experience so far.





Open up to brainstorming, thinking blue sky, thinking big with an award-winning creative team of copywriters, artists, and motion graphics designers.



Open up to interpreting market trends, being on top of them, beating them. Learn how to turn an observation into a beast with a mind of its own at the strategy and planning division.



Open up to negotiating your true value, streamlining, and multitasking through thick and thin with client services. Learn how the salesman never really died — they just evolved.



The true test of your learning isn’t tested on paper. It’s in your readiness. Sharpen your skills with screenings of the best documentaries on creativity and a live client project.


Questions, Answered

When does Batch 01 of The Ad Fellows kickstart?

October 14, 2019. It will run until December 13, 2019.

What education background should one have?

Could be anything, really. If creativity is your jam, then The Ad Fellows is your bread and butter.

Will I get a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes, every Fellow will receive a certificate confirming their experience here.

What age-group does this apply to?

Our doors are open to anyone. Really. You must identify as someone who is above 18, and above all, thinks fresh. 

What is the remuneration/stipend/pay for The Ad Fellows?

We recognise your need to excel. That’s why you will be offered far more than a stipend. Those selected will be paid a full-time fresher’s salary for the duration of the program.

Seriously though, why are you doing this?

Creativity & communications over the next decade is not going to be shaped just by those who went to ad school or those strait-jacketed under traditional advertising designations of ‘art’ or ‘copy’. We want to encourage & give back to a new set of thinkers who will potentially create the next wave.

Apply Now

Ready? Set. Upload a video in under two minutes about yourself: what makes you interesting, what makes you tick, maybe even what you had for breakfast. Tell us about your hobbies, your last Google search, and anything (everything) you feel truly captures you. And perhaps a mention of why you’d want to join The Ad Fellows.

Applications close September 21, 2019.


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Your acceptance to the program won't be determined by your CV, but it helps us know what you've done so far. That's about it.
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